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Renewable energy sources

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Why Wind Power could be better than Solar Power

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Solar Energy – The Futuristic Source of Energy

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Plans for the Fuelless Engine Model #2

Fuelless Generator Supplier
Copyright 1996 – 2012 The time to Buy and build this Free Energy Generator is Now!

A NEW FREE ENERGY MOTOR TO POWER YOUR HOME OR CAR! Copyright 1996 – 2012 Creative Science and Research -
Fuelless Energy – Free energy Motors – All rights Reserved

QUESTION: Is there really such a thing as a free energy motor? Can an electric motor and generator be made into a free energy device to power your 16HP Free Energy Electric Motor and 6KW AC Generator all in one  in home and car?
The Answer is YES!

FREE BONUS! Includes our New  Generator Plans FREE!           A $70 value
Plans and videos are now available for this motor and 6KW generator!
You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to build our Free Energy Motor /Generator! Any one can learn! They will not allow us or anyone else to manufacture or sell them anywhere in the world! All we can do is provide the step by step plans to anyone willing to learn from our years of research and experience! We have done all the work for you! We tell you where to buy all the parts and supplies needed to successfully build this motor and 6kw generator! We even provide the part numbers! Right down to the last nut and bolt! The plans have been released on Sept 17th 2012.

So where is this free energy coming from?  In a way you could say it is being created. But what is really going on here is the collection of the static type energies that are all around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you study the research of Nikola Tesla you will find that we are tapping into the same type of energies that he discovered existed in the early 1900′s.  Did you know that the potential energy within just one single grain of salt can power an entire home for several months! There is a tremendous amount of energy present in all matter! Even the tiny atom! They are not going to tell you that on world news tonight!

What we are doing here is presenting a potentially safe and easy way to build your own free energy motor and 6KW AC or DC generator. Which could be used to power your entire home. We made this new design easy to add on to. If you need more wattage output all you need to do is add more disks to the generator. Our Coils are of a special design, but are easy to make. Our new Fuelless Engine Model # 2 is the best design we have came up with yet! Over 14 years of research! With these step by step plans you can build both the motor and the SP500 6KW Generator all in one housing or separately.   The motor runs very quietly.  This device can be safe and easy to operate in any basement, garage or storehouse.  This motor does not pollute the environment! The rpm’s are adjustable or can be built to run at one speed. This engine does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible fuel. The free electrical energy produced by the motor is replaced back into the motor and reused by the motor. Our plans are simple to follow, and provide a complete parts list, as well as several supplier contacts. Supplies can be shipped right to your front door.

Over the years we have had customers tell us that they were using our Fuelless Engine motor to reverse their electric meters.  We were not sure if they were telling us the truth. So on March 21, 2011 we finally decided to test it for ourselves. Sure enough the electric meter we were using for the lab test began to reverse in spikes as the motor was running. WOW!  We knew the motor was producing free energy in back emf spikes to our caps, but we did not know it could reverse an electric power meter wheel during these spikes. We conducted many other tests on our motors, and in some of the tests we done, the electric meter did not move at all!  That means the motor was consuming electricity and then giving back the same amount it took. Another words, the motors were actually running themselves without the use of any external generator!

As you can see, there are many different ways to use our Fuelless Engine motor. All the tests that we have conducted once again proves that our Fuelless Engine motor can run itself and more! These are very simple tests that anyone can do for themselves. You can buy an electric meter online at ebay.com for only $19.90. They are great for home lab testing.
A tremendous amount of time and effort went into making these plans as well as the device itself! We knew we had a machine that will change the entire world. But how to get it into the hands of the people would prove to be a great challenge.  When you purchase these plans please notice that they are for your own personnel use! You can not manufacture them and sell them. This is the only way that we can share our free energy designs to the world. The more people we get building our free energy devices, the closer we get to a better world!

You will not be able to buy these type of motors and generators anywhere in the world!  Our Fuelless Engine motor is basically a free energy electric motor that can be made in the privacy of your own home. We offer step by step plans so it is easy for you to follow and understand. This is suppressed information that big brother does not want you to know. We have been selling these plans for over 14 years now.  These plans will give you the confidence you need to successfully build this motor. If you have any questions after you study the plans, we do offer free technical support by e-mail. Plans are loaded with color photos, drawings and illustrations.

QUESTION: You are saying that I do not have to be a rocket scientist to follow your plans and to successfully build this motor?
ANSWER Absolutely not!     You do NOT have to be a rocket scientist or an Einstein to build our motor or to understand our plans. We have customers from all walks of life that have built our motors! House wives, office workers, back yard mechanics, school teachers, carpenters etc. Just about anyone can learn how to build our inventions in the privacy of their own homes. We have been selling these plans for over 14 years now!

Many magazine articles have been written about these motors! You may have read about us in the 1996 July issue of Exotic Research Magazine or in Energy News. Popular Science has also known about free energy devices since the early 1920’s and 1930’s, and they have written a few articles about this subject. The Science Channel has also done many shows on free energy motors and alternative energy devices.

PLANS  for the 16-200 hp.  design has  100 pages and also includes color photos as well many drawings and illustrations.  The plans take you step by step and are very easy to follow.
This free energy motor is also an AC or DC Generator rated at about 6KW x 120V AC output or 12VDC output. Easy to add more power if needed as a motor and generator!  Uses N52 Magnets.
It Is Time to Go Green NOW!     Plans for the Fuelless Engine Model 2            

 Buy Now!        http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=2117573

This will change your life forever.
You will not be able to buy these type of motors and generators anywhere in the world!  Our Fuelless Engine motor is basically a free energy electric motor that can be made in the privacy of your own home. We offer step by step plans so it is easy for you follow and understand. This is suppressed information that big brother does not want you to know.  These plans will give you the confidence you need to successfully build this motor. If you have any questions after you study the plans, we do offer free technical support by e-mail. Plans are loaded with color photos, drawings and illustrations.

This is Rated at about 16 horsepower, but can be built up to 200 horsepower!
The design is so simple that more horsepower can easily be added if you need it! Convert your car into an electric car! This motor is also an AC generator and can be built to run your entire home or business!
See our SP500 AC or DC generator.
You must be 18 years or older to purchase our plans. Fuelless Engine is a trade name or trademark of Creative Science and research. All rights reserved! Plans and videos can be mailed to you for an added shipping charge of $9.95 ( USA and Canada ), and $14.95 outside of the USA or Canada. No extra charge to download. The Fuelless Engine is an easy to build homemade FREE ENERGY electric motor that really works!

The time for alternative energy is NOW! 

 Fuelless Engine Model 2  Plans     Buy Now!      http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=2117573

HIGH HP PLANS Order# 362-RC350 Only
BUY NOW!    This technology will definitely change your world.

1- 350 hp.  This is our first prototype that we designed in about 1996. It is not as compact and easy to build as our new Model # 2 design,  but is well worth the effort if you want to follow and duplicate or past research. Our Model # 2 shown above is very different in design than this motor. This motor can run on 1,200 VDC
These plans are loaded with information Many color photos as well
as drawings and illustrations.  The plans take you step by step so you can easily build this motor.  A  Supplies list is included. Color photos are for downloading and CD only,


Video demonstrates our high hp motor as well as our low hp motor, Video is available on DVD or Computer CD.  Video can also be downloaded as well. This video is loaded with information. Many close ups of both of our motors running.  A narrator explains the motor while in operation and Plans and video sent to the computer CD or download or both.
Buy our Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plans with  Visa”



Printable Order Form and Purchase Download

16HP Fuelless Engine Model # 2 and 6KW AC Generator SP500 all in one.
16HP Fuelless Engine Model # 2 and 6KW AC Generator SP500 all included.

Downloading Info: Please allow 24 hours or less for your download links to be sent to your e-mail.


Here is our Fuelless Engine  Model #2 Plans for only $175.00  order # 362-RCm2

                                                     BUY NOW ……….       http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=2117573

What to consider when investing in solar energy

What to consider before investing in Solar Energy
Amid rising electricity rates and environmental concerns, everyone is talking about one possible solution, solar energy. You may have considered getting your home or business solar panels, but have not really gotten the time to think this. You will be glad to know that there are different kinds, sizes and shapes of solar panels designed to solve problems of different magnitudes. A home will not need as much electrical energy as would a company, for example. So different factors need to be taken on board when thinking about which solar to get. Here are some considerations before buying one.

An obvious concern when it comes to solar is that they are mainly dependant on sunlight. This means they stop supplying energy at night, or during cloudy weather. This is something you should really take into consideration before getting a solar panel installed. Therefore, it is important to think about a storage plan.

Storage Plan: There are storage plans available for preserving the energy that your solar preserves throughout the day, such as a good battery. With a good storage plan you are able to store the energy and use it later.
Quantity: The more solar panels you have, the more energy you will be able to produce. Small businesses will benefit more from investing in more than one tiny solar panel. When it comes to this kind of energy, it really is the case of the merrier, the more.

Quality: The density of solar panels needs to be considered. Dense solar panels produce more energy and are more value for money. Where efficiency is non-negotiable, you have to really give some thought into how much you want each solar panel to produce and then make your choice.

Storage: Solar panels have the added advantage of not being a burden where space is concerned because they are able to go on the roof of your home. However, if you are a business, this option may not always be viable for you. So it is crucial to think about where the solar panels will be located.

Self Reliance and Preparedness

We do not know when or if the world will soon fall into such changes that there will be no more utility power available. Reasons given include imminent earth polar shift, nuclear war, EMP, solar flares, natural disasters, war, famine, social disruption plus numerous other end of the world scenarios.  We do believe that being prepared for whatever unexpected event could possibly be looming is always a good idea. 

Solar electricity is indeed one of the most survivable energy technologies. While no one can be totally self-sufficient,we can all become more self-reliant. We can have enough food for our needs and the needs of those we love, we can also make plans to have the equipment necessary to generate power should the grid go down for a short period or collapse completely.

Should the city lights go out forever, a home already powered entirely by solar electricity would be in a great position to continue life as usual, (at least until the batteries wear out or something breaks).   The catch to this scenario is that modern homes consume, on average 20-30 kilowatt hours a day!  Whereas an off-grid solar home can consume as little as a few hundred watt hours a day to usually less than 10 kilowatts hours a day. If your home is currently tied to the grid and you haven’t stopped to think about the inexpensive energy that is always available, your first step is to take a look at your last energy bill.  Installing Solar panels can get to be quite expensive. You could start with as little as eight panels ,each producing 250 to 300 watts each just to get started. This would give you slightly over 2 thousand watts. Each time you add more panels it gets easier to size up if you go about this correctly.

Be sure to contact people who know solar system set up if you need answers  when purchasing equipment as this will save you money and problems later.


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Yes! We definitely can run the car or truck entirely from water.

We can even start the engine from water without use of gasoline.

I hope you  enjoy this link..- mega site , http://alternatefuel.ru/#eavig link here

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